I used your Hazmat Answers sheet like Cliff Notes', which in turn was a big help for me. Along with some other study material I did pass my hazmat endorsement test with a 90%.
It was a very very small investment on my part that will pay for itself many many times over.

Thank You,

Took the test missed 2. Thanks! Marc 9-12-13

The first time he took it was a week ago in Ashland, Ohio. Didnt pass! Bummer!! I purchased you Hazmat Questions and Answers, He studied it last night and took the test in Mansfield Ohio this morning and PASSED =) He retired 2 years ago and cannot take the long boring winters. So, just to keep busy he is going to drive a propane truck part-time.
Take Care, Terrie

I passed with a 90. this was my 1st renewal. 4 years ago I studied the hard way.. with that old brown book they gave out. Now it seems its a small hazmat book that is white. thanks for the website with the questions and answers.
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64) A placard must be placed:


A. At least three inches away from any other markings

B. Three inches from the back of the trailer

C. Three inches from the bottom of the trailer

D. Three inches from the front of the trailer


65) It is acceptable to use a placard with the word DANGEROUS if:


A. You have less then 5000 pounds of specified materials at one place

B. You have two or more specified materials which total more than 1000 lbs

C. Both A and B

D. Either A or B


66) When transporting explosives, flammable liquid or flammable gas you may not:


A. Use cargo heaters

B. Take more than an eight hour break

C. Load the materials in a closed cargo space

D. Smoke in the cab of your truck


67) A transport index relates to products that are:


A. Meant for human consumption

B. Liquid

C. Radioactive

D. Overweight


68) A “Segregation and Separation Chart” indicate:


A. Products that cannot be loaded together in the same trailer

B. Products requiring special handling

C. Products Requiring special labeling

D. Products that are transported with animals

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